Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Year In The Life Episode 1

Alright!!! 2 blog posts in one month! Now we're getting somewhere!

Well, Janunary is just about over, for some of you it already IS over but for me I've still got another 3 hours and 5ish minutes. I just finished editing and uploading episode 1 of "A Year In The Life." For those who don't know, "AYITL" is my documentary about the best times of my life throughout the course of a year. This month we went to San Francisco to hang out for a bit (nothing too interesting there) and we spent my 21st birthday in Santa Cruz! Found a secret beach, brought some beers and some firewood and had a cool little bonfire on the beach! To watch Episode 1 you can simply click the box below and enjoy!

I'm pretty new to the whole "amateur film maker" thing so you found the first episode to be a tad bit boring at all, please just bear with me because it'll only get better from here.



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