Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Year In The Life Episode 1

Alright!!! 2 blog posts in one month! Now we're getting somewhere!

Well, Janunary is just about over, for some of you it already IS over but for me I've still got another 3 hours and 5ish minutes. I just finished editing and uploading episode 1 of "A Year In The Life." For those who don't know, "AYITL" is my documentary about the best times of my life throughout the course of a year. This month we went to San Francisco to hang out for a bit (nothing too interesting there) and we spent my 21st birthday in Santa Cruz! Found a secret beach, brought some beers and some firewood and had a cool little bonfire on the beach! To watch Episode 1 you can simply click the box below and enjoy!

I'm pretty new to the whole "amateur film maker" thing so you found the first episode to be a tad bit boring at all, please just bear with me because it'll only get better from here.



Monday, January 9, 2012

A Bit Of Rambling Post New Years

Hey there internet, its been a while since I made a post (seems like a trend for me huh?). It seems that every time I say I'm gonna continue updating this blog on a regular basis something always comes up that hinders my progress. Not much is new in my world at the moment, but back in 2011 I came up with an idea based on the Youtube documentary "Life in a Day" where I would carry around a camcorder with me for a year and document all the interesting things I did in the span of one year. The ultimate yearbook.

The idea was planted in my brain on December 31st 2010, when hanging out with some friends waiting to bring in the new year. I began thinking of all the amazing things that had occurred throughout the year and I then thought of how those memories would be forgotten as time passed. I never really gave it much thought after that. Until I saw the trailer for "Life in a Day" and the idea came to me to document my life in short video clips. So I began working out the logistics, starting in January 2012 I will begin this project, hopefully I have the patience to see it through to the end. Shortly after committing myself to it I came up with the name, "A Year In The Life."

It was time for me to choose the weapon I would be using for the project. I chose the Samsung Full HD camcorder, it shoots 1080i, uses an SD card, and its small enough to be carried in my jacket pocket. I also may use my GoPro as well. I haven't shot any footage just yet, but I will say this, I'm very excited about this project.

Hopefully expect more updates in the future. But until then, take it easy.