Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Writing Gig!

Woah, its been a while hasn't it? Well I suppose I should explain my absence from the blogosphere, the truth is I've decided to take my writing to a higher level. I have taken a position as a volunteer writer at a UK based internet magazine called TGSN. They have published one of my articles and I am about to write another so I haven't really been updating my blog lately, sorry gents. But, I'm going to try and keep the blog rolling in between articles. I'm also planning on using my twitter a lot more. 

I haven't really been posting too many more video reviews simply because I suck at talking to the camera LOL, that and my video editing skills are sub par at best. However I recently aquired Sony Vegas Pro 10 so maybe that will change sometime soon? Anyhow, I'm planning something awesome for 2012 but its still under wraps at this point, I'll post another update in early December.

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