Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kisai Transit LED Watch Review

So my birthday just rolled around, and I decided to spoil myself a bit this year and buy myself something way cool that nobody in my area has. I really didn’t even know what I was looking for until I started looking into some of the uber futuristic gadgets they have over in Japan, and while doing so I stumbled upon a website called, so I checked them out. TokyoFlash sells watches made by a company called “Kisai” that are quite…unusual. Allow me to explain, where a normal analog watch has a face with 12 hours in a circle around it, the Kisai watches use LEDs and interesting and difficult to read (to those not familiar with the particular watch) designs. Kisai uses only the highest quality materials to build their watches, such as stainless steel and high quality plastics.  I purchased the Kisai Transit, which is their least expensive model (I paid about $50 including shipping from Japan, some of their products are over $200) and even though it’s a cheaper model it still feels like a great quality product, which I was afraid it wouldn’t be when I ordered it. It features a plastic body and rubberized band as well as blue, orange, and green LEDs to show the time. On my watch the time is shown through a black faceplate with a labyrinth cut into it for the LEDs to shine through. The LEDs are super bright, especially at night, although one major gripe I have with the piece, is that in direct sunlight it can be quite difficult to see the LEDs, but simply shading the watch face with your hand fixes this issue. I’ve had the watch for quite a while now and it’s still tickin’ (horrible pun, I’m sorry..). Shipping was fast and very fairly priced, shipping from Japan to California was approx. $8 and came with a tracking number, the watch was ordered on a Thursday evening, shipped Friday afternoon, arrived in California Saturday night, and was in my hands by 10 AM Monday morning (no Fedex on Sundays). TokyoFlash is a great place to do business and it seems they really take care of their customers, this is evident when creating an account on TF’s website, they give you 800 yen off your first purchase (approx. $7-8), which can cover the cost of shipping depending on the item, if your order is over 10,000 yen (approx. $118.72) you qualify for free shipping. Ordering from TokyoFlash has been a great experience and I highly recommend checking out their website and products, hopefully this review has persuaded some of you to take a look into their watches.

UPDATE: As of 2/7/11 I have spoken with a representative from TokyoFlash, and they have agreed to give the viewers of my blog and video reviews a coupon code towards a purchase from The code is in my video review of the Kisai Transit, please click on the video below to watch the review.