Saturday, October 9, 2010

In need of a videocard

So a few days ago the videocard on my PC up and died on me, (explaining my lack of a blog lately) and I am in need of a new one, any suggestions? The PC had an Nvidia Geforce 8300 GS, it was ok, could run F.E.A.R. on normal settings, I'm looking for something thats similar to what I had but don't want to spend more than $75 as I am not really into computer gaming as I used to be, but still want the capability.

UPDATE: I ended up going with an Nvidia 8400GS, its twice as powerful as my last one and it cost $40 bucks, not bad, the only issue was I had to upgrade the PSU to be able to run it, old PSU was 250 watts (dismal I know), the 8400GS required at least 300 watts, picked up a Thermaltake 430 watt PSU. I don't really have any intention of doing any hardcore gaming so I didn't spend too much on the PSU, just enough to get me by. So far the 8400 and Thermaltake are both great units for someone like me who just browses the internet and I'd recommend them both to anyone looking to do the same.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Looks like we're gaining some momentum here

Thanks to twitter and my increased popularity on youtube it seems that this blog is finally catching on, now I have more of a reason to update it, mainly because with the blog I can go into more detail about whatever it is I am reviewing as youtube has a video length limit so I can't go through EVERYTHING, but here I can, so I'm going to continue posting reviews and any other cool things I find interesting both here and on youtube. Thanks to all who enjoy my posts and videos, keep checking back for new and interesting content!