Tuesday, September 28, 2010

UPDATE: HTC Aria Issues

On September 26th, the touch screen on my 22 day old HTC Aria stopped responding for no apparent reason, all apps running in the background continued to work perfectly fine, the clock continued to work, just no touch screen function. The very next day I took it to the AT&T store I bought the phone at and they duplicated the issue and found the phone to be defective and I was given a new phone under their policy of if a phone is found defective within 30 days of its purchase, a brand new replacement will be issued at no cost to the customer. No third party apps were installed on the phone, only apps approved by AT&T. I have seen multiple forum posts regarding the Aria about the touch screen failing so this seems to be quite a common issue. If you are in the market for an Aria, you have been warned, it is a great phone but beware of this issue.


  1. Check my posts. I can fix this issue and the part is only around 6 bucks.