Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Little Bit About Me...

Before I start regularly posting here I felt it would be appropriate for me to share a little bit about myself, I'll try my best to keep it short I promise.

I am 18 years old and going to college, the reason I started this blog is because I love doing stuff like this

I am a born and raised Californian, no not everyone here says "dude" after each word, and no, not everyone here acts like Keanu Reeves.

I keep very up to date in the latest and greatest modern technologies.

I am a huge car nut, maybe I'll do a couple blogs showcasing my opinions on whats new in the automotive world.

I enjoy testing new products and providing my opinion on them, because I know how it feels to buy something that seems really cool only to find out it sucks.

I always give my honest opinion in a very professional, well written, and well voiced way.

See, I told you I'd keep it short, now that's over we can get on to the really good stuff. About once a week I will be sharing with you my experiences using products that you (as a normal human being) would ACTUALLY use, some may be serious, some may be fun, but rest assured ALL will be 100% TRUTH! I wouldn't give you my word that something is good if it's not. And with that said, lets get started!

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